Business Networking Etiquette

There’s more to networking than shaking hands and exchanging business cards. Done right, networking helps you forge long-lasting and profitable business relationships. Here are some useful tips:

Have a plan. Make a commitment to yourself to connect with a specific number of people. Three to five people is realistic. Make sure the contacts are “new” and not people you’ve met before.

Dress the part. A substantial part of a good impression is based on how you look. If you want to be perceived as a professional you need to dress like one.

Be professional. Remember to say hello and pronounce your name clearly and distinctly. Make sure your business cards are clean and not tattered. Shake hands firmly and make good eye contact with everyone you meet. Say the person’s name when you say goodbye and tell the person how much you enjoyed meeting them and hope to see them again.

Make the ask. Don’t rely on other people to remember and reach out to you. It’s your job to ask people for their business card and to maintain contact.

Stay in touch. The biggest mistake people make in networking is not keeping in touch with the contacts they make. Find reasons to reach out and connect.

Be visible. Join your local Chamber of Commerce or other networking group.

Most people KNOW they need to network, but few know HOW to do it well. Good networkers aren’t born. They’re created. Networking is a skill you can learn and Plymouth Business Training offers an effective e-training course. Details at

July 15, 2017