Tips on Being Interviewed

At some point in your professional life, you may find yourself being interviewed. It’s a wonderful opportunity that puffs up your ego. Finally, someone wants to know what you think! But if you’ve never been interviewed before, you may not realize there’s a bit of preparation involved. You may also find yourself nervous when the […]

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Listening – The Most Important Communication Skill

Listening is, without a doubt, the most important business skill you should master. It’s crucial to success in any situation, whether it be a group meeting, an interview, giving or receiving feedback, or handling customer complaints. You must understand fully what the other party says, the way it’s said, the motivation behind it, and the […]

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Three Things That Will Cause You to Lose a Sale

Becoming a successful salesperson involves a lot of work. You have to be a technician who understands the specifications of the product you sell as well as the engineers who designed it. You have to be a psychologist who can read and understand a customer’s needs and wants better than the customer themselves. You have […]

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February 18, 2015

10 Email Etiquette Tips

It is important that whether for business or personal use that you follow the basics of email etiquette.  Follow these simple email etiquette rules to create effective emails: Start Your Message with a Greeting Much like a face-to-face conversation, email messages should start with a proper greeting. Send to Appropriate Recipients Email messages are often […]

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