How to Create Email Content that Engages

You always hear marketers saying that the best email newsletter content is content that engages the audience. What exactly does this term ‘engage’ mean?

It essentially means that your readers do more than simply read your content. When content engages, it gets the reader involved and urges them to take some kind of action. That’s what you want your list of subscribers to do – take action.

So, how do you create content that engages? You do this by creating content that your audience can be a part of. Your content asks questions, encourages the reader to try something new, starts a discussion or seeks feedback.

For example, in your email newsletter, you share a few all-natural house cleaning tips. You encourage your readers to try the tips on their own and report on the results. Tell them to contact you on social media or through your blog to tell you how it went.

You might share two opposing viewpoints and ask your subscribers to share their opinion. Your email might discuss the pros and cons of Facebook and Twitter for marketing, and then ask your readers which they use and why.

Engaging content turns your email newsletter into a kind of two-way communication, and that’s exactly what you want. When readers are engaged and feel a part of your newsletter, they’ll stay tuned.

By the way, this definition includes any type of content and not just email newsletter content. You should try to engage your readers on your website, your blog, your syndicated articles and social media profiles as much as possible.

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October 18, 2014